Hypertrophy of the subscapularis muscle might be an etiologic factor for suprascapular nerve entrapm

Published: 02/01/2023
  • Location: Çankaya, Ankara, Turkey

Bayramoglu A, Demiryurek D, Erbil M, Aktekin M, Tetik O, Doral MN.

During the routine dissection of a 57 year old male cadaver, a hypertrophied subscapularis muscle was detected on the right side. Hypertrophied subscapularis muscle originated from the anterior surface of the scapula and inserted to the lesser tubercle of the humerus. Its superior part covered the entire anterior surface of the suprascapular notch and lay on the suprascapular nerve while it travelled through the notch under the superior transverse scapular ligament. Since the subscapularis muscle functions actively in the repetetive movements of the shoulder joint, hypertrophy of this muscle like in our case might be one of the reasons for the suprascapular nerve entrapment seen at the suprascapular notch specially for the ones who are involved in the overhead activities such as volleyball players and baseball pitchers. © Neuroanatomy. 2002; 1: 5-6.

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